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Articles on Holidays

The time between Thanksgiving and New Years causes people to feel really good or really bad without much room in the middle. 


The Gift of Reflection

Let’s take time as we start the new year to reflect on what God is doing in our lives. What does He desire? Are we a conduit of His will, being used...

Since its conception as a holy celebration in the second century, Easter has had its non-religious side. In fact, Easter was originally a pagan...

Silence is golden, or so the saying goes. As much as I like music stirring around me, there are times, I must admit, when silence is welcome. There’s...

Author John Ankerberg shares all of the history and facts of Halloween you should know.

1. You need to connect with people. The worst thing you can do is isolate yourself from the very people God may want to use to encourage and restore...

Jesus' death was the fulfillment of the original Passover night. His blood not only saves the first born son's life, but every person who trusts in...

The Feast of Unleavened Bread is a feast that is generally mistaken for Passover. Passover however is only one 24 hour period while Feast of...

Looking back over the years, I realize that growing up in an observant home, albeit not according to Orthodox tradition, laid the groundwork for an...

What’s our reaction to people who publically question our faith? Do we get mad when we encounter public displays of disbelief? We shouldn’t.


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