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Family Matters 12/19/16

Taking Care of You During the Holidays


The holidays are here and there is so much to do—parties to attend, cleaning, cooking, shopping, gift-wrapping. OK, I'm getting stressed just thinking about it all!

As we enter this busy time, let’s not allow stress to get the best of us. Take care of yourself, so you can at least enjoy the holiday season.

In order to do so, let’s do a quick inventory of your self-care practices and notice if you are attending to all areas of your life. If so, this holistic approach will help you reduce stress.

1) Emotional Self-Care: Pull out those assertive skills and say NO! "Sorry, I can’t bake two dozen cookies for the school party." "I know you need a volunteer, but I just can’t work it in this year." "Yes, I would be honored to come to your gathering, but I have too much on my calendar already. I'm going to have to say NO. Maybe next time."

2) Financial Self-Care: Have a budget and stick to it. One of the biggest holiday stresses is spending too much. You don’t want those January bills to freak you out! So as hard as it is, come up with a budget, a list of people to buy for, and stick to your plan. Your mind will be at ease.

3) Physical Self-Care: Don’t forget about exercise, eating and sleeping well. Yes, you will not be in your usual routine, but don’t give up just because it is more difficult to work physical care into your day. The more you take care of your physical body, the better you will feel.

4) Relational Self-Care: My mom died right before Christmas a few years ago. Feelings of loss sometimes hit me. When they do, I sit with them. I grieve and allow myself to feel the loss. Be aware of your emotions and relationships that trigger you during this time. Work on difficult relationships and don’t allow the extra stress to make you more irritable.

5) Spiritual Self-Care: Plan time for morning meditation and prayer. There is no better way to de-stress than to begin your day with God. Quiet and center yourself. Ask Him to order your day and give His peace. When I get too busy to spend time with God, I get stressed.

Now, take a deep breath and enjoy this Christmas and New Year!

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