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Articles on Nutrition

CBN.com - Chicken Fingers Anyone?Yee-ha! Chicken fingers! No doubt, your kids will be high-fiving (in more ways than one) when you let them...

Recent research shows significant health benefits of eating walnuts.

A healthy eating plan is one that is high in low glycemic fruits and green vegetables. Many of the items listed below are super-foods for the body....

CBN.com - It’s the New Year, and millions have resolved to lose weight and exercise. Most people, however, set unrealistic goals and are...

Finding it a challenge to get through the grocery store quickly and make healthier choices? Trying to make your grocery list a little less guilty? No...

Making resolutions is one thing, sticking with them is another. Luckily, there is help. Below are some tips, research findings and resources...

The simple, smart choices you make each day really do add up — like choosing bottled water over sugar-filled pop, fresh berries instead of ice cream...

Too much sodium can adversely affect your health. Conduct your own shakedown to nab sneaky sources of hidden salt and get rid of them.

Seeds aren’t just for planting. Some seeds, like the mighty flax, are great for boosting the nutrition of your meal.

We have an excuse for every poor choice we make today: “I had bad parents;” “No one told me the truth;” “It’s just the way I am.” The sad fact is we...


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