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Devotions on Fear

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Devotions on Fear

Take an inventory of messages you allow in your day and learn to recognize their sources.

Even after his followers realized Jesus Christ was alive again, everything was different after the cross.

Jesus said if we build our house on the rock, it will hold up against the worst of storms.

God is so simple in His love for us. He just wants us to trust him. 

If we find our resources inadequate in life’s battles, we’re not fully depending on God.

Count on God to provide guidance in troubled times.

The Bible tells us how to stay grounded even when our world is all shook up.

The only thing Jim could do, while trapped on the table, was use his secret weapon.

Living near the Atlantic coast, you put up with two things — bridges and tunnels. I strongly dislike tunnels.

Worrying about possibilities can blow them out of proportion.


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