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Devotionals on Prayer

There is an experience in prayer, where as you pray, your spiritual eyes are open to a vision in the spirit realm of God.

My philosophy is if you ignore things they will go away; her approach is deal with things and they’ll go away.

God never intended prayer to be complicated, so what are you waiting for?

God's word says that without obedience there is no blessing. Disobedience to God's word is sin.

Give us wisdom as we establish our own families. When we’re tired or afraid, remind us that You specialize in the impossible.

All of us can pray in the flesh - we just pray with no emotion and our prayer feels like a rote prayer. Praying in the Spirit is a wonderful gift...

The comforts of this world, so abundant for so long, are beginning to fail us.

When I’ve done the usual: praising, examining my life, sharing it all with the Lord, and still feel like I’m in the room alone - I try letting Him...

We all have a spiritual enemy. For those who don't know or believe that, their ability to identify the enemy's work in their lives and resist it will...

Do you like to pray, but run out of things to pray for after five or 10 minutes?


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