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Devotionals on Prayer

Do you like to pray, but run out of things to pray for after five or 10 minutes?

The Lord stated it was not enough to pray for his offering to blessed, but he needed to pray for those who were to bless him, that they would be...

It's easy to get discouraged, feeling like many things we do are pointless. Negative thinking defeats us and God offers us a new, positive...

When prompted by the Holy Spirit to lay hands on someone and pray for healing, many of us dismiss the idea for all kinds of reasons. 

When we hand over all control to Him, we can walk away with the peace of knowing that God is in control of our situation.

Anxiety is usually a sign that God never told you to do what you are doing in the first place. To avoid frustration in your life, keep in balance.

God answers every prayer, probably very similarly to how you answer your children: yes, no and not yet.

No matter the trials, temptations, confusion, or successes, the one thing that helped him the most was finding that place of brokenness. It was the...

A special prayer for all the men and women serving in the military to insure our freedom.

It will prove a mighty plea in prayer, giving ever-increasing boldness of expectation to claim the promise, 'They that wait on Me shall not be...


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