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Videos on Parenting

Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen answer your questions regarding parenting teenagers in relation to dating.

Gordon Robertson answers the following "Bring It On" question: When should we allow our children to date?

Pat Robertson talks with the former Fox News host and mother of eight about proper parenting.

Matt Goulding, author of "Eat This, Not That," demonstrates how to make smart fast-food choices.

Where did God Come From? How does a parent answer? Pat Robertson answers this question and more.

Twins and sextuplets -- the stars of TLC's "Jon and Kate Plus 8" have a lot to tell about endurance and taking on life's challenges.

My son is living with his girlfriend. How do I relate to him without condoning his behavior? A friend from church owes me money. Should I expect him...

Our 15-year-old daughter is in love with a boy who is 18. Should we let her date him?

Tere Scott had suffered three miscarriages in a row and couldn't help but be fearful that this pregnancy might have a sad ending too.

When was Jesus' birthday? How can I help my grandson whose parents are divorcing? How can I please God and my husband?


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