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Generous Heart Fueled to Serve Community During Pandemic with 60% of Income

Retired consultant Laura Adams has a generous heart! She loves meeting the needs of others. Rescuing animals is also one of her passions.

“My life ministry has been about meeting the needs of humans and animals in any way I possibly can.”

Laura knows firsthand the blessings that come from giving. After a health crisis forced her to retire in 2019, she continued to tithe from her investment income. Laura increased the percentage she gave as her investment flourished and was amazed by the results.

“The checks were getting bigger and bigger and I actually got up to about 40% and the Lord kept on pouring blessings upon me that were so great that even to this day I look back and I can't believe the miracle that's happened to me.”

When Covid hit in 2020, Laura saw the financial impact it made on her community.

“People were being fired left and right. They couldn’t buy the most basic of needs. The Lord put a fire in me to want to help them in any way that I possibly could.”

Laura decided to increase her giving to 60% of her income. She also wanted to make sure the money she gave would go as far as possible, so she turned to CBN. As a longtime partner, she knew she could depend on CBN to make her donation count.

“My dollar only goes so far if I go to a store to buy a couple cans of produce. CBN has the contacts, they have the resources, the connections to take that dollar and turn it into ten. 

For Laura, helping others is a joy. That’s why she’s a member of CBN’s Chairman’s Circle.

“It's a lot of fun giving. It's way more fun to give than to receive. It always has been. I've been giving to CBN for probably about fifteen years now, and I have seen clear evidence across the board where my money has impacted and made a difference.”

Laura hopes her generosity will motivate others to do more to help and she encourages them to do so through partnering with CBN.

“I have seen how my money has impacted very, very large amounts of people, and it has me completely convinced that there really is no other effective way to give than through CBN. They can make things happen that we, as individuals, cannot. So, why shouldn't we bank our resources with an organization that has the ability to make miracles happen in the name of the Lord?”

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