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Bearing the Leftover Pain of Childbirth

When Karri Carter had her fourth child, she decided it was time to leave nursing, and be a stay-at-home mom. “I worked during the pregnancy with my fourth child. After she was born I went home like normal. It was a normal delivery; nothing out of the ordinary as far as the delivery - no complications.”

But, it wasn’t long before her back started hurting. “Right after the birth, it was a dull ache. I just associated that with childbirth. I thought that it would just clear up,” shares Karri.

Instead, Karri’s pain got worse. “I started experiencing a shooting pain that went down my legs and up my spine when I walked. So with every step I took, it was like an electrical sensation that went through my body that was really painful,” recalls Karri.

She and her husband were now on one income; she didn’t think she should pursue treatment. “I knew that x-rays would be expensive and at the time, because I was staying home, taking care of the kids – we couldn’t afford the extra expense for that.”

For two years Karri endured the pain. She tried over-the-counter pain relievers, but nothing seemed to help. She says, “The pain changed my lifestyle because I quit doing the normal things that I enjoyed doing. I quit taking the kids out for a walk with the stroller. I didn’t want to run around with the 2 year-old anymore. I had begun to start seeking the Lord about healing in particular, because in my heart I knew it was God’s will to heal.”

She also watched The 700 Club almost every day. On June 12, 2015, Terry gave a word of knowledge, “Someone else, you have, like, a spinal problem. I’m not sure what it is, if it is an alignment issue, [but there is] tremendous pain every time you walk. God is healing that condition for you right now.”

“I knew that what she had spoken was directly for me. And I could tell immediately. I stopped having the pain with walking,” shares Karri.  “I’ve been pain free since. I’ve been able to walk and I could go back to my normal lifting things I couldn’t do before.”

Most importantly, she can do the things she loves, especially taking care of her children. Karri says, “I like to go for walks, enjoy the outdoors, and enjoy being with the kids. Motherhood is the best thing. It really is. It’s a blessing.”

Karri says, “I’m very thankful. I’m very grateful. He knows what your need is and He’s willing to meet it and He’s willing to meet you right where you’re at. You don’t have to do anything special. You just have to believe.”

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