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Are You Worried About Paying Your Monthly Bills?

Ginny Merriman is thankful that she was able to retire comfortably. But she remembers well being a single mom, trying to provide for herself and her son. “It was very difficult because I was a waitress. And I worked two or three jobs. I was very strapped for money.”

Her income was small, and unpredictable, which made it hard to keep up with bills. “Just to hold onto my house, my house payment at that time was $1,500 a month. And I never knew at any given point whether I was going to have that money or not.”

Around that same time, Ginny started watching The 700 Club, where she learned about taking control of her finances, and how God blesses people who give.

“As Pat was explaining the Law of Reciprocity, it gave me a whole new outlook," Ginny recalls. "And I, a lot of times have conversations with the Lord, just me and Him. And I said, ‘Lord, Is that what You want me to do?’ And I felt in my spirit that it was. So I said, ‘Okay, I’m going to start doing that.’”

So Ginny went on a budget, and started giving to her church and to CBN. She found she always had enough to give and pay all her bills. She kept giving, knowing she could depend on God. “I just learned to trust Him more and more and more; until He became my only source for everything; everything I needed.”

In a few years, she landed a full time job with the state of Ohio. “It tripled my income; literally tripled my income. With the advantages of overtime, personal time, comp time, vacation time. It was amazing. God blessed me with that job.”

Ginny retired after 10 years. Today, she still supports The 700 Club. “(It’s) because I was fed through Pat Robertson’s teaching. That changed my life completely.”

When asked what Ginny would say to those who don’t tithe, her answer is simple. “I would say you are robbing yourself of the biggest blessings of your life. It’s not that God needs our money, but we need His blessings.”

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