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You Can Be Free From Debt

Michelle Wilson - 700 Club Producer
Danielle Thompson - 700 Club Producer

May has been in debt for most of her life mostly due to credit cards and poor money management.

May shares, “I felt like a slave because I have debts.”

It wasn’t as if May lived extravagantly. She was having trouble paying the day-to-day expenses.

May says, “The property taxes, car registrations, car payments.”

Although she had a great job working as a nurse, May couldn’t ever dig herself out of debt. Then one day, she heard a message about giving God ten percent. May knew she needed to tithe but struggled with the decision.

May remembers, “He said, ‘Test me on this. Test me on this.’ At first I said, ‘Lord, why do you want my money?’ And I go, ‘Lord, I have bills coming in all these things, property taxes coming in. So help me.’”

After months of not being able to balance her budget on her own, May finally decided to trust God.

May says, “Tithing is your obedience to Him. He wants your heart. He does not want your money because He’s already rich. He has everything.”

May began tithing to her church, and giving to CBN.

May remembers, “I became a member of the DVD SuperBook because I wanted my grandson, to know the bible stories. I want to instill in his heart that Jesus is Lord.”

Soon after starting to tithe, May received some checks and a raise at her job.

May recalls, “It is a miracle. I have more now than when I didn’t tithe.”

May also learned how to budget and make sure that the first ten percent goes to God. Now, she no longer lives paycheck to paycheck. She’s almost out of credit card debt and has even started a savings fund. May encourages everyone to take a chance and trust God with giving.  

May says, “God has so many blessings for us. He really cares for us. He doesn’t want us to be slaves. But He wants to set us free. And He wants to give us peace and joy inside your heart.”

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