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When her parents divorced, Andrea Logan White attempted to gain a sense of control by manipulating her weight through anorexia.

Dan Fazzina was diagnosed with a grapefruit sized tumor in his chest when he was just 27. Without major chemo, doctors said he only had three weeks...

Orphan's Promise Domestic DVD Project

Kerry was a medical worker who became a patient in desperate need of a miracle.

Lisa suffered horrible foot pain uncommon for a woman in her 20's and when a prayer on The 700 Club spoke to her problem, she agreed for a miraculous...

Pauline lives in Benin West Africa and suffered from a debilitating back problem that was miraculously healed while she watched The 700 Club.

Theru was a Hindu who turned to a Christian pastor for prayer, when nothing else was working for him. That prayer started a chain of events and Theru...

After Bala lost his sight, he could no longer work or see his family’s faces. When this Muslim heard about miracles taking place in his village, he...

Alex achieved success in Latin music, but the temptations of stardom overcame him and he lost everything.

A car accident left Jason struggling to survive with traumatic brain injuries. Doctors gave him little hope of recovery, but Jason's family and...

Nate suffered a traumatic brain injury when he fell off a ladder at work. Doctors gave him little chance of survival.

Darnisha was declared dead after a diving accident. What happened next was amazing.

Robert Porter was a hate-filled man, but one night The 700 Club got his attention and helped him transition into a vessel of God's love.

An argument that turned violent left Tyrone paralyzed. His quest for vengeance became the driving force behind his new life as a disabled person.

Tim Ballard should have died at age 9 but after receiving prayer from local churches and Benny Hinn, he was healed.

Pastor and author Bill Johnson shares how people can receive healing and learn to pray for healing in the lives of others.


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A man makes a pact with Satan and begins a journey in darkness. See what breaks the spell on today’s 700 Club.

An SUV explodes on the road and a young man is trapped in the flames. Experience the amazing rescue and the miraculous recovery on the next 700 Club.

He was a soldier at 14 and then a POW at 15. Meet a teenager who survived the horrors of World War II. Plus, Senator Tim Scott shares why he’s...

Abandoned by his father at age six, a boy is raised by two brothers in a gang. A life of crime begins at an early age followed by 20 years of living...

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