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Dog Training Leads to Miracle Healing

“My name is Arlene. I love animals. I volunteer with a pet rescue and a low cost spay/neuter clinic. About a year ago, I rescued a Rottweiler from an animal shelter,” says Arlene. “His name is Seven because he’s my seventh Rottweiler, and seven means completion. He’ll probably be the last one I have,” says Arlene.

“When I adopted my dog, he was used to running in the streets and having his own way, as he was never leash trained. So, it was quite a journey to train him,” says Arlene. “He pulled on my arm many, many times as he’s a massively strong dog. He was so hard to walk and then, finally, he just lunged, and I could just feel my shoulder being pulled out of its socket dislocating my shoulder,” recalls Arlene.

“I’m not a big doctor person, I only go about once a year, so I thought I could wait it out and see if my shoulder went back by itself, but, it didn’t,” says Arlene. “I couldn’t lift my arm over my head. If I tried to turn my face to the right to look to my right, it was almost impossible--I had to turn my whole body. It just, sometimes when I’d sleep at night, I would move the wrong way, and it would wake me up in pain,” says Arlene. “On April 21, 2020, I was watching The 700 Club, like I try to do every morning, and a word of knowledge came in."

Pat Robertson said, "You’ve dislocated your shoulder, pulled a muscle or whatever it is. Just touch it right now, it will go right back in place and the pain will be taken away in Jesus name."

“I knew that God was no respecter of persons, so I asked Him to heal me,” says Arlene. “And, so, I turned my head like they told me to, and I had no pain! I could turn my head. I could lift my arm over my head. I was healed. A few times between now and that healing the pain tried to come back and I had to rebuke it,” says Arlene.

“Every word He says is true. All I have to do is believe,” says Arlene. “I am beyond thankful. It just humbles me that God loves me that much and cares.”

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