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healthenews 05/27/08

Mars Mission: Out on a Limb, Out in Space

Scientists say they're excited about the latest Mars probe. They really want to find water, but maybe they'd be better off exploring for oil these days. Why water in the first place? They want to find the raw ingredients needed for life to emerge -- one of which is good old H2O.

The problem is that they haven't figured out how life came to be here on terra firma. With the most advanced technical abilties and 150 years of Darwinism, they still have just a pile of speculations. At least here we have access to all this data on biology. I guess they're thinking if life could arise on the wasteland of Mars -- or maybe when it was a lush jungle 70 jillion years ago -- then it can evolve anywhere including her on Mother Earth. Nice try.

This is a waste of money in the vain hope of undergirding their worldview. This looks to me as not really even being scientific inquiry -- they're just trying to defend Darwinian evolution -- at your expense.

Even in the old experiments that put in the raw ingredients and charged it up with electricity to create the building blocks of life, they never produced any protein of any creature -- and that was in a laboratory using, well, intelligent design. I fear these folks may have been smoking something while watching their science fiction movies.

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