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healthenews 05/07/09

Swine Flu Motives?

We're still facing swine flu cases here in the United States and the concerns continue. Yet for all the "serious concern" banter, the pandemic has been a bust. Not a few analysts are concerned this flu talk isn't primarily about public health but about public policy or even power politics.

For example, according to commentator Mark Alexander, "The administration's agenda was not about saving lives. The fear mongering had a more sinister motive. According to sources within the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense, Team Obama used the 'serious situation' to collect reams of additional psychometric and sociometric data on public reaction to an imminent crisis in order to further refine their 'Rule 1' model -- using fear as a catalyst for rapid policy implementation."

I have no inside sources within either federal department and I don't presume to know what people's motives are. However, I've seen how the federal government works over many years and have good reason to at least be suspicious. Many of you have reasons as well from personal experiences.

Plus, most media outlets are not fulfilling their role as watchdogs over government health initiatives. You may have to be your own watchmen on the walls. As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed.                      


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