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healthenews 05/28/09

Global Warming's Big Problem

Advocates of global warming have a big problem. Since 2001 we haven't had global warming. How is that to be explained? Doesn't that erode the status of climate change as a rational proposition?

Scientist David Legates at the University of Delaware point outs some of the alarmists' poor thinking in a recent blog, 

A paper to be published in Geophysical Research Letter suggests that lack of global warming could go on for another thirty years but then produce "explosive" global warming. You'd be right to wonder how a thirty to forty year lack of temperature increase wouldn't undercut the whole idea that it could suddenly pop up and toast us all.

Legates cuts to the chase with two objections:

(1) The paper in GRL is suggesting that some aspect of climate process is potent enough to counteract the greenhouse gases said to be driving the warming -- and to do that for an extended period of time. So, clever scientists, what is it? Where's the beef? Are you guys really willing to, in effect, toss out the soul of global warming, that is, reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change? After all, the IPCC says greenhouse gases are the big deal, not something else "to be announced."

(2) Global warming that disappears and magically re-appears is nonsense -- a kind of mysticism. Where is that heat/energy being stored up just waiting to burst forth? Legates puts it simply, saying this "seems to violate the laws of physics."

The consequence of holding onto global warming despite the facts appears to come at the cost of clear thinking. Even worse, it may provide us with irrational public policy. Stay tuned.

Manmade Warming On Hold, or Errant Alarmists Seeking Cover?
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