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healthenews 07/07/09

National Medical Models: Issues and Info


Here's some more information about the individuals interviewed for the story -- in the order in which they appear in the story. Also see the web version of the story to view additional portions of many of the interviews.

Lawyer Michael Farris is Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association and founder of Patrick Henry College where he serves as Chancellor. He has written over a dozen books -- the most relevant to this discussion being Constitutional Law for Englightened Citizens. Mr. Farris has taught constitutional law for many years.

Tom Herring serves as pastor at Vessels of Honor Christian Center located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with contact number 757.689.4502. He served 23 years in the military, most recently in Army transportation logistics -- including a year in Iraq helping train that country's military personnel.

Bud Richardson retired from the Marine Corps in 1981 after 22 years of service including a tour in Vietnam. He says he's seen a wide range of military health care services including health care for family members such as his wife who suffers from Alzheimer's. He's currently enrolled in Tricare for Life, the military health program for those also eligible for Medicare.  

Fernando Rivera received his appointment as Medical Center Director for the Washington, DC. Veterans Affairs Medical Center in July of 2007. The facility is the flagship and role model for VA health care. A civil engineer and business administrator by training, he has served in a variety of capacities at other VA medical centers in Louisiana and West Virginia. 

Dr. Ross Fletcher has served as Chief of Staff at the Washington DC VA Medical Center since 2000 and serving as Chief of Cardiology, his specialty, since 1972. He has taken special interest in medical information managment and record keeping.

Dr. Frank Rosenbloom is a physician in private practice who also serves as President of Oregon Right to Life. He has completed a book on health care, Mismanaged Care: How to Prevent a Health Care Disaster, now awaiting publication. His blog is Summa Contra Improbos et Plumbeos -- Latin for "a work to refute the evil and the stupid."

Michael Tanner is a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute where he heads research into a variety of domestic policies with a particular emphasis on health care reform, social welfare policy and Social Security. He is the co-author of Healthy Competition: What's Holding Back Health Care and How to Free It now in a second edition published in 2007.






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