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healthenews 07/25/09

Credit, Cash, and Condoms

I'm noting this blog is from Gailon Totheroh as other CBN News reporters will be adding entries to Health-e-news in the near future.

This morning (July 25th) on Google Health one of the lead items was "Conference to address black women and HIV/AIDS." The story starts, "Tony Wafford has taught his three daughters that when they go on date, they need to be prepared: They carry a credit card, cash for a cab, a cell phone and a condom."

Wafford is Director of Health and Wellness for the civil rights group National Action Network. One question observers might well ask is whether or not his condom advice will produce wellness for the women he's addressing. Wafford does have good reason to be worried because the leading cause of death for black women ages 25 to 34 is HIV infection.

Certainly if a person insists on engaging in sexual acts that could give you a a range of harmful and even deadly diseases, using a condom could reduce that risk. Yet where is the advice suggesting this be a desperate measure of last resort? People may say that abstinence outside of marriage is unrealistic, but only so if the nation ignores or abandons sound Christian moral teaching and the willingness to speak the truth in love.

Tens of millions of Americans are suffering from sexually transmitted diseases. They deserve the full truth about God's love for them and the consequences of seeking love outside His standards.

Many pastors, groups, and individuals are doing that. Just one example is The Medical Institute for Sexual Health. The nation's teens especially need this message so they don't die from HIV at age 30.

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