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healthenews 10/01/09

Swine Flu Mania: Actor Hopper Latest

Actor Dennis Hopper went to a NY hospital yesterday with flu-like symptoms. No one knows if such symptoms mean swine flu or not -- unless he has a specific test for H1N1. In most cases, it's not a flu for which there are any vaccines. And the swine flu shots are not even out yet.

We've reached a point where Google this morning had over 400 stories on Hopper's situation. Why is this news? If any famous actor who goes into the hospital starts gathering that much attention, we will be flooded with entertainment health news.

The reality is we have an obsession with swine flu bred by the media and government health authorities. Combine that with the public's fixation on celebrity comings and goings and you have millions of people wasting their time on a plague that will likely be a bust.

We wish Dennis Hopper a speedy recovery. I hope he knows to take lots of vitamin D from here on out. Some doctors who recommend vitamin D are reporting that their patients are not getting ill -- while their colleagues' patients who don't take it are getting sick.

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