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Mommy and the Joyful Three 12/29/18

Setting Family Goals This Year

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It is time for a new year; time for resolutions and reflecting. My children are too young to truly understand the concept of resolutions. I am not big on resolutions myself. Positive change should be stated by actions more than oaths spoken in the moment.

Still, I do believe that the end of a year can be a great time for reflection. Self-examination and an understanding of what you can perhaps work harder towards in the coming year is a good tradition.

As a mom of three young children, I realize there are areas of my life that need improvement. Looking back on this past year, I see where I’ve changed as I’ve adapted to circumstances and what life has thrown at my family.

Some of these changes aren’t pleasing, but some have made me proud. My main realization is that I can work harder on putting my children in the path of God’s will even more than I have this past year.

Sometimes, as parents, we focus too much on the world’s view of Christianity. God lives in our hearts and in our measures towards others. I have noticed I have been more concerned with the ideals of the world rather than what God would truly want in my children’s lives.

Though I want my children to live Godly lives, I worry too much about what the world will think of their actions. This is not how I wish to be. I reflect upon this past year and have come to the conclusion that the way to live for Christ is to have blinders when it comes to looking at the secular side of life.

My children are exposed to many different situations and beliefs while at school and as they go about their day. I sometimes have a hard time deciding what to stand against. My oldest daughter especially has been struggling with what some of her friends are allowed to do. I know she thinks I am being too hard on her when I say, “No”. Because of this, there have been times when I have bit my tongue and avoided being too stern with her.

In this world, we will face situations every day that make us uncomfortable as Christians. The reality is that sin should make us feel uncomfortable. If as a mother I am not showing my children that we should not be complacent with sin just to avoid feeling awkward, then I am not teaching them to stand for God.

So this new year, I am going to be a stronger godly influence in the lives of my children, family and friends.

Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. 1 Corinthians 16:13 (KJV)

There is always room for improvement. This new year is a great time to begin the process of bettering ourselves in walking life out the way God intended.

Our children will imitate us just as we should imitate God. Our only real focus should be on what it is He is asking for from our lives.

As a family, we will be sitting down and creating family goals for the year. Small and large, I want us to discuss some of the things we each feel we can improve on and some of the things we have felt proud about this past year.

Having a family meeting will give us the opportunity to see what we can support each other in and also will give us the opportunity to rejoice in the gifts God has given us this past year.

What are some of your family’s goals for the coming year?

What are is God calling you to improve or do?

I wish you all a happy, safe and productive new year, full of love and purpose!

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