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Articles on Addiction


Get Real with God

God loves it when we’re honest – no matter how it might sound to others.

Trying to love an addict is hard, frustrating, and downright heart wrenching. In fact, apart from God, it is impossible. Here are 9 ways to love an...


I Feel So Ashamed

Feeling ashamed is the birthplace of denial and deception.


My Eating Is Out of Control

We eat for a reason, a problem or a wound and only God has the answers to each of those. Bringing things to Him and listening to what He has to say...


Pay It Forward - Step 12 in Addiction Recovery

We are not the source for recovering addicts, that's God's job. However, we are a resource because we've been down that road.


What Does God Want Me to Do? - Step 11 in Addiction Recovery

Usually, we know what NOT to do much more than we know what TO do. 

Unfamiliar often equals uncomfortable, but uncomfortable is the breeding ground for change.


Continue Personal Inventory - Step 10 in Addiction Recovery

In Step 10 we repeat taking personal inventory to continue the road to total healing from addiction.


Saying and Showing "I'm Sorry" - Step 9 in Addiction Recovery

In step eight, we made our list of people who suffered because of our addiction and became willing to make amends to them. Now it’s time to put...

Who Have We Hurt by Our Addiction? - Step 8 in Addiction Recovery

In step eight, we make a list of everyone we harmed and become willing to make amends to all of them - a major step in moving forward in our...


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