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Articles on Faith

When you place your faith in the Omnipotent God, believing on His awesome power with all your heart, He will enable you to achieve the insurmountable...

SQuire and Louise coined the term 'Godwink' defined as personal messages of encouragement from God, and now they have a series called, "Dogwinks...

Kim Outlaw learned how to pray, tithe and bake from her grandmothers, and she continued to do so during COVID even...

Truth is saying what you mean, not being mean about what you say. -Kathy Carlton Willis

In the Light of Truth

Life as we know it changes when we come to truth.

The empty cross is a Christian

Resurrection is Christ’s Peace Offering

Jesus paid the price on the cross and resurrected so that we might have peace.

Even during the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing, we can demonstrate love for our neighbors.

An interview with the authors of Journey of the Soul, Bill and Kristi Gaultiere.

God always keeps His promises, even when we fall short.

This article illustrates how God can heal us immediately (and he does!), but even more significantly, it points to the healing unto eternal life.

The part of our hearts that loves life and loves people is the same part that screams when broken.


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