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Articles on Grief

In his new book, Finding God in The Shack, theologian and author Randal Rauser takes readers on a fascinating journey through the pages of William...

Any death plunges family members and friends into a season of grief. But a suicide death intensifies emotions, and sadly, often leaves families...

The Lord is the only One who can offer true comfort. Although we cannot go back to the way life used to be before this tragedy, we must not allow...

Steven Curtis Chapman shares why the Christmas story is so important to him and why Joy is symbolic of a new beginning for him both personally and...

After losing her brother, Grammy Award winning singer CeCe Winans is embracing God's most precious gift.

Some have embraced William Paul Young's story as a creative depiction of how God works in our lives, while others dismissed it as “heresy”.

Educating children about death and guiding them through grief is something we prefer to avoid. But it’s one of our teachable moments.

Counselor Dwight Bain shares some immediate ways to bring order and calmness back into your family life after the chaos and confusion that follows a...

Christmas arrives like a pretty package full of grief triggers: Empty chairs, missing faces, and silent voices seem to haunt the holidays.

1. Do not expect too much from yourself too soon, as this will only accentuate feelings of failure. Avoid setting difficult goals or taking on...


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