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Grief is a common human emotion. It can be expressed through deep loss and sadness. There is hope in grief, as God wants to and is strong enough to carry our burdens.

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Bible Teachings on Grief

Could loneliness be the great problem in our society — not poverty, homelessness, drugs, crime, but just plain loneliness? 

No matter how deep your pain from grief and sorrow, God can help you find comfort and hope.

Bible verses about death, death of a loved one, death of a child, and God's promises for us about death and grief.

Almost everyone at one time or another experiences a period of sadness. Most people get over it with a little time. But for some people, the sadness...

How long do we get to mourn? Depends on who you ask.

Questions about Grief

We ask this question sometimes because we don't understand, but most usually when we are experiencing pain in our life.

When parents suffer the grief of losing a child, was it God’s will? It’s time to put away shallow clichés that malign the character of a loving...

How do you respond to the miracle that never happened — when someone or something is ripped away from you?

Grief and love are two very similar emotions -- if you're capable of love, you are capable of grief.

Some Christians expect a “sitcom” life—things are happy, a problem presents itself, you pray, and within 30 minutes the problem is solved.

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Devotionals about Grief

What legacy are you leaving behind for the next generation? Jesus commanded us to love one another as He has loved us. By doing so, we show others...

Step into the sacred realm of this devotional, where the journey of grief unfolds before your eyes. Amidst the silence, solitude, and desolation,...

Are you searching for your true purpose in life, eager to understand yourself better? This author sought insight into how her attitudes and behaviors...

When we suffer hardships, let us remember Jesus Christ, holy and just, who came to save humanity, but was rejected, wounded, beaten, and humiliated....

Why God? Where were you? Why didn’t you come? These words resonate with many of us as the author shares her story of grieving and hope. Know that you...

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Videos about Grief

Partnered For Purpose – Day 5

Partnered For Purpose – Day 4

Partnered For Purpose – Day 3

Partnered For Purpose – Day 2

Partnered For Purpose – Day 1

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Articles on Grief

Friends can come alongside grievers in practical ways during the holidays.

Did Jesus really tell us it is a blessed or a joyous thing to mourn? How can we be happy while we are grieving?

Memorial Day, American flag at a cemetery

Remembering the Fallen: Handling Grief and Loss

Dr. Linda Mintle offers encouragement and advice on how to cope with loss and trauma.

Reason wants a logical explanation that will make sense out of something that has happened. Purpose offers us a hope that whatever has happened God...

Doesn’t God care about our pain? What could we possibly learn from grief?

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