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Devotionals on Christmas

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Devotionals on Christmas

This Christmas carol is usually learned in early childhood and appeals to all generations.

As I reflect on God’s extravagant love, I wonder how we can follow His example and go all out for others?

Felicity first entered my life when I was nine. I was a late bloomer when it came to reading. But as soon as I could read fluently, I was hooked on...

Does the content of my life letter have what others are craving—love, acceptance, and spiritual balm to heal injured souls? 

It was difficult to accept our new reality and the empty chair at our Thanksgiving table. In our sorrow, the faithful presence of Emmanuel...

I didn’t want to leave the hospital. I cringed at the thought of something happening while I was gone.

It is amazing how the very characteristics God gives us may seem to be a curse or make us feel out of place because we are different. 

My plan was to trim the tree and decorate the house in an orderly, logical manner, one step at a time. My impulsive children, however, had different...

The story of the candy cane begins with a nice old candy maker in Indiana.

I saw how we, as God's creations, start out as nothing more than ingredients in God's mixing bowl.


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