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Devotions on Pain and Suffering

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Devotions on Pain and Suffering

I went to the Bible to find comfort, and I found a lot of good men who had committed their lives to the Lord, getting beat up. I used them as...

Circumstances that involve loss, unfair treatment, illness, or broken relationships are the wilderness places that God uses to shape, refine, and...

Through faith, our pain and trials become our trophies.

Do you believe people get what they deserve in this life, that there’s balance tied to our behaviors?

Our minds and hearts can be so much like over-stuffed, messy closets. It is time to clean house and let everything go.

When we try hard to make something happen—even by prayer—it is often like rowing in a storm-tossed sea.

Is it reasonable to be thankful even when things are difficult?

What is the most important thing to know in any crisis?

Jesus doesn't want us to panic. Just have faith.

In God’s design, both in nature and in the promises of his Word, death is never the end.


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