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Devotionals on Worship

Although little is known of its origins, this inspiring eighteenth-century French carol has become a universal favorite.

This Christmas carol is usually learned in early childhood and appeals to all generations.

Does God need our prayers? I doubt it. But He wants them. 

God desires to sanctify us, to set us apart, but He requires our cooperation. We must make the choice to live a sanctified life. Are you making that...

For 3,000 years God’s people have prayed and sung Psalms everyday corporately or privately, going through all 150 Psalms regularly (usually in two...

Do you desire to keep your heart continually cleansed before God? Read about ten easy ways to incorporate prayer into your day.

God conducts the music of unfolding history every day for us. Will we pay attention? Will we resonate, keeping time to His patterns? Or will we set...

Everything we do must be done with a willing heart devoted to the Lord. Otherwise, it is empty.

It is evidenced in the Word time and time again; when God’s people remember God and worship Him with thanksgiving, He begins to work on their behalf.

I thought about the play on words that changes "remembering" to "re-membering," or putting Christ's Body together. The wounds of severed...


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