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Videos on Heaven

Meet real people who have experienced death and have visited both heaven and hell. Their amazing stories will build your faith and inspire you to...

Candice shares ideas of how to create dishes that are inexpensive, delicious and healthy.

A deep sea diver is stung by five poisonous jellyfish and is pronounced dead for 15 minutes.

Author Don Piper joins Gordon Robertson to discuss Don's 90 Minutes spent in heaven after a horrible car accident.

Dr. Issam Nemeh joins us to discuss the healing power of prayer and guest Ian McCormack tells his experience of what happened after being officially...

Go behind the scenes of The 700 Club as we catch up with guest Don Piper, author of, '90 Minutes in Heaven.'

She was driving to a funeral when an accident took her to heaven. Hank Williams' granddaughter Hilary talks about life on the other side.

Don Piper was in a horrible car accident opposite an 18-wheeler. For 90 minutes Don was in heaven fellowshipping with old friends, family, and Jesus.

Don Piper spent 90 minutes in heaven after a horrific car accident and granddaughter of country music legend Hank Williams, Hillary Williams tells...

The 700 Club's Scott Ross hits the streets of DC to ask people about heaven and hell, then Pat Robertson teaches us what the Bible has to say about...


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