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Videos on Heaven

On today's 700 Club, "Life Beyond the Grave" week begins as Tamara Laroux shares her experience of the afterlife after she attempted suicide and...

Today our interactive ministry will focus on the topic of the after life as we pose the question, "Is Heaven Real?"

What happens to us when we die? Are heaven and hell real? On February 21, The 700 Club will kick off a week-long special series to examine these...

Nathan rebelled after his parents abandoned him and his sister died. He balked at his grandparents’ faith until a play about Heaven and Hell showed...

Micah was critically injured in a motocross accident. As his body lay in a vegetative state, he went to Heaven and came back with a purpose and story...

Charlotte Holmes was clinically dead for 11 minutes. She recalls seeing her lifeless body and then going to heaven. Hear her amazing story and the...

John and Sophia talk about the importance of “how” and “why” we do the things we do.

Sophia and Kaitlin talk about how the kingdom of God is priceless.

Joel and Mia talk about the meaning behind Philippians 1:21.

Valerie nearly died in a car crash, but found peace in Heaven. Meanwhile, her sister prayed for Valerie’s healing, and she came back with an amazing...


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