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A little girl’s deafness shut her off from her family and being able to learn at school. See how you helped her discover a whole new life.

Dr. Jim Sears is a family man, pediatrician and host of the Emmy-winning talk show, The Doctors. We sat down with Dr. Jim to find out some tips on...

Peggy suffered with a debilitating disease for over thirty-five years. The source of her endurance and hope was the Bible.

Gordon and Kristi make a leg of lamb, rice pilaf and other tasty dishes that will gather your family around the dinner table. GET RECIPE HERE.

Pornography, affairs, call girls... Tim fed his sex addiction any way he could. He didn't stop even when his wife found out.

Candice shares ideas of how to create dishes that are inexpensive, delicious and healthy.

Thanks to those who support CBN Israel, Tanya, a Holocaust survivor, receives the food and encouragement she needs during the COVID-19 crisis.

Tammy’s “Mitsy Kit” enables the visually impaired and disabled to sew face masks and brings families together, including her own.

High school football coach Sam Greiner takes on the challenge of revitalizing the woeful program at a low-income public school while discovering the...

Dave and Logan tried everything they could to have a baby. After miscarriages and two attempts at adoption turned up nothing, they focused only on...

Irene Rollins was a pastor, a wife, a mother...and an alcoholic. After being forced to confront her past, she found hope.

Chanrey was curious about how the world was created, but where could she find out for sure? One day, a story from the Bible gave her the answer....

Best-selling author Ellie Krieger shares how you can make quick, healthy meals out of thanksgiving leftovers.

David Henry was diagnosed with COVID-19 just short of his 25th marriage anniversary and daughter’s wedding, but on Easter weekend the doctors called...

Highlights from Regent University's weekend commencement activities on May 12, 2018.

Sam Tignor has a seizure during football practice that turns into a coma and fight for his life. His family forms a rally cry, “Fight Sam,” but they...


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Former Bachelor contestant Madison Prewett Troutt shares how the most important relationship she has in her life is the one she has with God. Plus,...

A plane crashes right after take-off and only one person survives. See how a team of angels rescues a 7-year-old boy on today’s 700 Club.

A K-9 cop tries to make an arrest and winds up in the line of fire. He takes two bullets and lives to tell the tale on today’s 700 Club.

A man takes a fall at work leaving him unable to put shoes on without unbearable pain. See how he’s lacing up once again. Plus, a human trafficking...

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