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Delivered from Severe Mental Illnesses

Michelle Wilson - 700 Club Producer

Alexis recalls, “I would hear things like ‘You should kill yourself.’ And I would hear a lot of whispers like (WHISPERING).”

For years, Alexis Hoffman says she was tormented by voices. It had started in 2009, she was a freshman in high school and had just come out of a physically, sexually and mentally abusive relationship. She became angry and was filled with guilt and shame.

Alexis says, “My heart became callused after the abusive relationship because I felt like I could just never get right with God. I felt like I was too far gone. Like I had messed up too much.”

Having pushed her Christian upbringing aside Alexis would spend the rest of her high school years, filled with drinking, drugs, sex and cutting. By now, her parents, Ted and Robin, had realized the life their daughter was living.

Ted shares, “When the only thing that your daughter ever gave you was joy, and then you find out that she's on drugs, sex, you know, alcohol, it breaks your heart.”

By her senior year, she was being tormented by nightmares. Then came the voices.

Alexis says, “They tell me I'm useless and ugly, that I'm worthless and dirty. They tell me to just die. And I believe them. I remember having this obsession with like stabbing. I would sneak out into the kitchen and I would start taking one knife at a time and bringing it into my room.”

One day, her mom, found the stash of knives, and suicide notes. Immediately, she took her daughter to the ER, and Alexis was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Robin recalls, “I am just talking to God and saying, ‘Lord, You said – and Your Word says that she is Yours and You will not let anything happen to her. And I know that Your Word is true and I believe You.’”

Over the next four years, Alexis would be in and out of 20 different psych wards diagnosed with bi-polar and schizophrenia among others. Even being heavily medicated didn’t quiet the voices or ease her torment.

Alexis shares, “My life was a living hell, and not only my life, but my family's.”

Robin remembers, “There's no joy, just empty and just not knowing what was going to happen and me not knowing either how to help her.”

Ted shares, “When you looked into her eyes there was an absolute dead stare, always. And she never, ever had that. She always had the most beautiful smile and her eyes were always sparkling. It wasn't my little girl.”

Now unable to hold down a job and on disability, Alexis was prone to violent fits of rage. She had no control over her actions, often blacking out.

Robin says, “When Alexis got mad...whooo, it was not pretty. It was scary. I had even said to my husband, ‘We should get locks on the bedroom door.’”

One time, she woke up in a pool of blood after cutting herself 40 times.

Alexis recalls, “And I would be so ashamed like ‘What did I just do? Like that's not me! Why did I do that?! That is not how I act!.’ Like 'I don't know why I keep doing this. Who is that?’”

Exhausted, Alexis told her family she was going to kill herself.

Alexis shares, “I’ve got these voices telling me what to do. I’m seeing things and I said, ‘I'm just tired. I'm so tired. I'm at war with myself and I can't do it anymore.’”

Ted remembers, “Robin and I were preparing ourselves for her to kill herself. And you talk about that's tough when you have to prepare yourself.”

The next day Robin took Alexis to a healing conference where Pastor Todd White was ministering. Alexis went to the altar.

Alexis remembers, “I thought to myself. These meds aren’t working. These doctors can’t help me. And I said a prayer to God. I said, ‘God, if you're real, then I need you to show up and I need you to show up in a big way. And if you don't, I'm killing myself tonight.’”

Then Pastor White prayed for her.

Pastor Todd White shares, “I could see her eyes going crazy. I knew that she had devils. I just looked at her and said, ‘Come Out.’ And she fell to the floor screaming.”

Alexis recalls, “I remember my mouth just opening so wide and these screams of horror were coming out. Screams, hissing, growling. I just felt stuff come out of my body. Like I could physically feel things leave.”

Pastor White says, “She got free and got delivered. It’s not because of anything other than the authority in the name of Jesus.”

Alexis says, “I felt a peace that I had never felt before. Like I could hear myself think. I felt restored and I felt new. And the love of God that I felt in that moment was like nothing I've ever felt before.”

Alexis re-dedicated her life to God and asked for forgiveness of her sins.

Alexis shares, “I was repenting like for past things and everything, but I knew in my heart of hearts too that, that those were cast into the sea of forgetfulness and I was on this new path with Him.”

Robin says, “We were up all night just praising God for the miracle that happened.”

Ted shares, “If you’re wondering if God can heal people with a mental condition the answer is, ‘Yes.’ Because He healed my daughter.”

Alexis stopped all her psych meds and has been free from mental illness ever since. Today. Alexis is married to Jonah. She’s a substitute teacher and loves her new purpose in life, helping others find freedom from mental illness through Jesus Christ.

Alexis says, “If there's one thing I can tell you, it'd be to cling to hope and that is Jesus. Keep going to Him; don't get tired or weary of going to Him. He's the only solution to your problems.”

To contact Alexis Hoffman, email her at: Lexihoffman07@gmail.com

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