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healthenews 11/12/08

Endangered Babies: New Report

U.S. premature baby data just released from the March of Dimes shows very high rates. Almost 13 percent of births -- about one in eight -- are before term. That's 530,000 babies each year.

The organization gives the country overall a failing grade of "D." Only Vermont earned a "B," eight other states rated at "C," while the remaining 41 states failed with a "D" or "F."

One major consequence of prematurity is more babies dying before turning one, infant mortality. That's the number one cause.

Thanks for advance notice of this report goes to Virginia Health Commissioner Karen Remley, and Virginia March of Dimes.

To go into more detail, click the play button above to watch a portion of an interview with Dr. Remley. She speaks about prematurity and the baby's brain, state health care proposals regarding pregnancy, and infant mortality as a worldwide marker of health

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