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healthenews 11/18/08

Could Abortion Make President Obama the Last Black Chief Executive?

You may have heard about the Centers for Disease Control new statistics on the healthiest town (Burlington, VT) and unhealthiest place (Huntington, WV). That got me thinking about the unhealthiest places for the unborn -- that's anywhere in the United States. But some of us are more threatened than others.

Consider the disproportionate numbers of black babies lost to "pregnancy termination." In turn, that leads me to wonder why Barack Obama would favor abortion on demand when it affects that community so severely.

What are the numbers? U.S. Census Bureau figures from 2006 (the most recent available) say black persons compose 12.8% of  the population.

By contrast, the CDC's figures on the percent of abortions among blacks is 35.3%. Take a look at Table 9 on page 27. Those are also the most recent available -- from 2004.

In any case, that's triple what we'd expect just based on national population. Sadly, a black friend of mine says many in the black community won't believe her when she talks about those statistics. They are quite real.

So, you ask, what are the unhealthiest places for black babies? Those are the places where 50% or more of all abortions are performed on black women. Bottom line, you don't want to be a black baby in Alabama, District of Columbia, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, or especially Mississippi (76%).

So how might Barack Obama be the last black president? Simply stated, the percent of the population that's black will continue to go down with abortion. That would mean fewer good candidates for future political office and fewer voters down the road.

And if he and Congress (and we voters) allow porous borders, then that percentage will further go down as Hispanics gain even further in numbers and influence.

And don't get me wrong. Obviously there are true principles to be against abortion (God said) and leaky borders (terrorism). But one wonders why these merely utilitarian reasons don't have more sway among those who are more interested in power than principle.

By the way, death by abortion is over 800,000 a year and well exceeds the number of cancer deaths -- about 550,00 mortalities. There are constantly news stories about cancer -- nothing wrong with that per se. But shouldn't there be more clamor about abortion even by those who support the choice, but say the numbers should be reduced? 

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