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Three Ways God Keeps on Getting Better

I love Bethel Music. I basically live morning, noon, and night with my Youtube blasting their latest worship sets, dreaming of being a worship leader while high-tailing it to take the kids to school or schlepping it across two interstates to the office. Take me away, Lord.

But recently, when visiting my sister in Kansas City, where I immediately found my station to dance with my new baby niece, my sister did the unthinkable, and playfully mocked my latest favorite, “He Keeps on Getting Better”.  My sister’s laughter was based on her witty assumption that if God is purely good, how on Earth could he keep getting better? At first I felt stumped. But the more I thought about it, somehow, to me, He does keep getting better. After thinking about my life since knowing Him, I realized when our relationship deepens with Jesus, then everything really does get better. And here’s why:

Our ability to handle life improves. When I think about how I handle the disappointments and stresses of life now, compared to my newly-Christian self 15 years ago, it’s almost embarrassing. Sweet Moses, the temper alone. When we spend time with our God, who’s patient, kind, peaceful and slow to anger, we can’t help but change. Our parenting skills, attitudes at work, and relationships naturally improve when in increased alignment with Him. The more we really know his character and his heart, then frankly, life is just easier-even the smaller matters.

For example, I used to dread when one of my boys asked me to jump with them on the backyard trampoline, especially during 30 degree New England winters. It’d be like a slow motion war call: “Mooooommmmm, do you want to jump on the trampoline with meeeee?” as I mentally prepared for the bodily dread that awaited. But because I’ve slowly learned through God how to see the good in most experiences, I’m able to focus on their faces, their silly laughter, and appreciate that they’re still not embarrassed to bounce with their mom for hours in front of neighbors, instead of envying these other moms managing to remain snug in their homes while I lost feeling in my feet. Alas, I jump with pride.

God also keeps on getting better as we trust him more. I recently had a career decision to make that seemed a bit stressful at first. Should I take on more tasks? What if I can’t handle the changes? But before I even had a chance to run through the hypothetically negative scenarios that could occur with each choice, I heard God clear as day: “Just give it to me and the right thing will happen.”  In the past, I would’ve run my mouth dry to friends, analyzing and worrying about what to do. Even when I’d make a decision, I’d still doubt or fear regret. But to my near shock, I think I’ve come to a place where I’ve lived enough years of God’s faithfulness; it’s like my heart has finally been trained to trust him when uncertainties arise. We all get waves of doubt and anxiety, but I find our relationship with God and our ability to live fearlessly keeps getting better the longer we know and trust him. 

He keeps on getting better because the more we know him, the more we become our true self. God’s the one who created us, weaving all the details of our strengths, gifts, and personality traits together. He’s the one who’s planted the dreams and desires in our hearts to begin with. I don’t think people ever reach their full potential without knowing God. When we come to know him, it’s like “coming home” to the person - the spirit - we were created to be. When we’re made whole again, we’re simply better, more loving, giving, and confident people. We become our best selves.

This seems a little vague and hyper-spiritual, but I’d never think to or be brave enough to go for the things I’m most passionate about now, like prison ministry, if I hadn’t known and trusted Him enough to listen. Before getting saved, I wrongly believed I’d have to sacrifice some of my personality (okay, my sarcasm) and become one of the religious “sheeple” if I went down the Christian path. Now that I know him, it’s just the opposite. He knows us even better than we know ourselves, has plans bigger than we even dream of, and cares more than we can understand.

Relationships might come and go, circumstances and life events might rock us from time to time, but I really believe the longer we walk with him, the better the journey. Thank you, God for carving out an awesome path for us, that really does just keep on getting better.

Copyright © 2017 Jessica Kastner. Used by permission.

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