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Articles on Evangelism

To do the very same works Jesus did—what other purpose in life can match the awesome privilege believers have been given? The opportunity to engage...

Like turning to the right channel, God speaks to individuals who are ready and prepared to listen.

The powerful build places, but the poor set up spaces in the midst of those places.

From the HBO Comedy Arts Festival to the United States Congress, Christine O'Donnell is asked to speak her mind about controversial issues that most...

Of the many brave but often forgotten preachers who traversed the wilds of America’s brave new world, none had a deeper impact than the mighty...

I not only got a chance to see The Passion of The Christ, but I got the incredible opportunity of hearing from the man who played Jesus in a recent...

The words were just announced to a waiting world “Pope John Paul II has died.” The heart of that world has broken. The tears of the faithful will...

Our road team, Pete and Roy, visited a cool Christian coffeehouse in Kansas City.

Singer/songwriter Charlie Hall's goal in life is to praise God with his music, and the life he lives with people outside of the church walls.

Health care in the developing world is not for the faint of heart. I chide myself and remember that she is healthy, it’s just a shot! But she’s just...


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