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“Without this surgery, he would not have survived. Thank you!”

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Innocent was born with what started out as a small cyst on the back of his head. The cyst got so big he could barely move.

His mother said, “He cries a lot and cannot move his head. At times, he tries to grab at the mass, because it hurts. I took him to the local hospital, but the doctors here cannot help him.” 

Innocent could be helped at a more advanced hospital, but his mom can’t afford the surgery he desperately needs.

“I do my very best to care for him and make sure he does not bump into things,” said Innocent’s mother.  “I am afraid he will die. I pray every day that he will get treatment somehow and that God will heal him.” 

A mother who we helped previously told her about Plaster House, a ministry supported by Operation Blessing. Innocent’s mom travelled six difficult hours to get her son here. Soon after they arrived, we arranged and paid for Innocent’s surgery. Dr. Makanza performed the surgery.  

Doctor Makanza explained, “Without surgery, usually the cysts rupture. If it would have ruptured then he would have Meningitis and infection, then he would die.”

The surgery was a success. Instead of facing the prognosis of early childhood death, Innocent has a full life ahead.  

“I am amazed that you were able to help him! He is such a happy baby now and has grown so strong,” said his mom. “Without this surgery, he would not have survived. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. I pray that God will bless you.” 

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