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healthenews 01/14/09

Your Health, Your Pocketbook, and Obama's Plans

If you have less money because of the economic situation, that obviously could effect your health status. You wouldn't be doomed to worse health, but it would be more likely.

In any case, that thought leads to a brief discussion of President Obama's economic plans. They are largely dependent on government action, increased debt, and misplaced compassion. I contend that those actions will make the downturn in the economy more prolonged. If so, then our health could get worse.

Obama has ideas that are similar to what FDR proposed and implemented during the Great Depression. Some noted historians say that FDR's programs made that depression longer. Assuming that's so, then Obama's programs, if passed, would likely do the same thing.

However, some journalists have written that FDR has been wronged and that the contention of his making things worse is not intellectually defensible.

This is not good journalism because there are those university historians who slam Roosevelt on that charge. See a discussion of this journalistic and intellectual brouhaha here.

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