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Mommy and the Joyful Three 10/12/10

Instilling God’s Purpose in Your Kids

A church sign I saw the other day really impacted me. It’s not that I hadn’t heard this statement before, but I think I needed to see it that day; “God had a purpose for you before you were even born.”

What a profound and true statement! I had only applied it to myself in the past. This time, I thought about it from a mother’s perspective.

Never had I contemplated that as a mother I have a huge role not only in raising my children safely, but also to raise them in the path God desires for them. Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has a unique God-given gift. Whether it’s to be God’s voice of love through music, to write, or be that special uplifting person who brings others joy, we all have a reason to be here.

As a mom, it is important for me to nurture and recognize these gifts in my children. My daughter Sage is an exhorter; if she sees a frown, she makes it her mission to turn it into a smile. As most people do, I know that Sage has even more gifts than this, but this is the one that stands out the most to me. She is the cure to a bad day, and this is because God uses her to show his love and kindness. Sage was born with a sweet disposition that could be easily turned to bitterness and anger if I do not provide a loving environment for her.

Everything we do as parents plays a part in who our children will grow to be. The greatest tragedy would be if we smothered their callings by not living for God ourselves. It is vital that we show them that they are here to serve God, and to show them how their gifts can play a part in bringing people to God’s kingdom. If we don’t show them the right way, then, by default, we’re showing the wrong one.

When you live for God and do the things He desires for you, than your life is at peace. When you do not live for God, depression can take over as life loses its purpose. Who wants’ their child to be depressed and unfulfilled?

It is also important to uplift my children and encourage them. If we speak negatively about them or allow ourselves to have a bad attitude, then we may be planting seeds of resentment that can quickly overshadow a gift of encouragement, like the gift I see in my daughter.

We cannot be idle in the Lord. Even if we aren’t being negative, we can still keep our children from using their gifts by not showing that we live for God every moment. It is imperative for us to give them the proper tools and to teach them.

It is can be hard to understand that my children are not just here for me. The truth is that they are children of God. We are God’s vessels; each and every one of us has a course set out for us to follow. Being my children’s mother means I am an important part of their journey. It’s my job to help them fulfill their destiny and develop in their faith. It’s a part of my own calling as their mother to honor Him by raising my children in His ways.

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