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Mommy and the Joyful Three 10/19/10

Call Us "Crazy" for God

Raising my children in a secular world is scary enough to make me want to run to the hills and live like the Von Trapp family, singing folk music and running away from the immoral influences that surround us daily.

That is when I need to take a deep breath and pray.

God doesn’t’ want us to run; He wants us to teach others about Him. So I have to show my children that they should not be ashamed of loving God and believing in Him.

Recently on a message board, I read a post from a woman claiming that Christians were crazy. Indeed to her we may seem “crazy”, but in my eyes, it’s no crazier than believing in nothing.

She was claiming that we are in a way neglecting our children's growth by teaching them about Jesus Christ and in her words ‘nonsense’, and that we should be teaching them about what’s here now and what’s ‘in’ right now.

I actually laughed at this. I would much rather my children be prepared for eternity than high school.

Another person responded, “Christians hold their children back emotionally.”

Well, this is the complete opposite of the truth. I am not raising cynics; I’m raising disciples for God. My children will have the emotional balance that comes with knowing there is more to this world and to our existence than a big black void. My children will learn to pray not practice pessimism.

As Christian parents, we cannot be laid back. We need to teach our kids to become uncomfortable with sin. By the light and love of God our children will shine through the darkness. If they go astray, they still will have the Truth in their hearts.

My saving grace during my darkest times was the way my parents brought me up; they instilled the teachings of God in my life. And just as my parents did with me, it is now my responsibility to raise my children to stand up to the negative, to show a shining influence of what God can do.

Call me crazy for God; I’ll take it as a compliment. If my children choose to listen to Christian music over secular music or pray rather than party, than I must have done something right. Just as I am proud to be their parent, I am even more proud to see my children living in a way that honors their Heavenly Father.

The unbelieving world wants us to follow along blindly. It’s much easier and much more comfortable sometimes to follow the fad and ignore your faith. I have to keep myself in check constantly, and undoubtedly I have failed and will fail again; but as long as I fight the power of sin over my life, then I can ward off the control that it can have over my family.

God will open your eyes to the evils of the world; the minute you let him in your heart your blinders come off and you see the world more clearly. It is so hard to swim against the current of a secular world, and to parent against the popular school of thought. That is why my mind is not on what’s ‘current’ it’s on what’s eternal.

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