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Mommy and the Joyful Three 06/17/14

Healthy Relationships Will Help Your Family

Kids running down school hallways

Relationships mold us and teach us without us even noticing at times. Teaching your children the importance of healthy friendships is vital because it will encourage them to make good choices in their relationships in the future.

I struggle with "projects", people who learn that I have a soft spot for their drama and that I will tolerate more than some because I do not like to upset people. The struggle is real and it is daily. I have oftentimes allowed the wrong people into my life and my children are witnesses to these unhealthy friendships.

The truth is that God can change people. I cannot.

I've been misused by people far too often. I know I have a hard time saying no, and that by given in to relational and financial demands I’m not necessarily helping the situation.

Recently, I finally began standing up for myself. I didn't like feeling like a push over anymore. I am not a mean-spirited person, and it’s time for me to stop engaging those who fall into that mentality.

My daughters and my son already show signs of taking after me and being a little too helpful or generous towards the wrong people.

When you see a person in need, how do you determine if they will be a person who is a healthy addition to your life or be more bad news?

God wants us to help people and we are, for the most part, unable to predict the future.

So I finally decided that a helping heart must help, but maybe in different ways. Many times I have taken on individuals as projects, but now as a family we’re going to help others in a more controlled environment (i.e., soup kitchens, homeless shelters, local food banks).

Now when I see someone in need, I will direct them to a facility not to my family. We are supposed to be helpful and loving and kind, but God will direct us how. He is wise and His wisdom will guide us as we care for our families and people in our community.

Remember, our little children are watching. We must be mindful of them before opening our lives to outside needs.

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