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Devotionals on Judging Others

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Devotionals on Judging Others

Various interpretations abound for two Scripture verses found in Proverbs 25. This author urges us to view verses 21 and 22 in light of God's...

It's inevitable that we will have people around us and in our lives that have a walk with the Lord that looks different than ours. However, we are...

We've all had moments of judgment and condescension toward others. It's not in keeping with Jesus' character and we need to confess it and rid it...

Some people can seem larger than life—especially those who accomplish things that most of us cannot even fathom. Read how Paul and Barnabas handled...

It’s amazing what a little DIY project can reveal about biblical truths. Take a look at the similarities in your life as you read this devotion. The...

Our relationship with Christ is not based on works.

How do you respond to someone who doesn't think God is fair?

You can run but God knows how to find you.

We can protect ourselves from false doctrine by comparing what we hear to the whole counsel of the Bible.

You can be at the right place, doing the right thing, and still someone may misunderstand your actions.


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