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Devotionals on Judging Others

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Devotionals on Judging Others

We can protect ourselves from false doctrine by comparing what we hear to the whole counsel of the Bible.

You can be at the right place, doing the right thing, and still someone may misunderstand your actions.

Know who you are in Christ and trust the Holy Spirit to give you discernment for every situation.

We've all heard the story of the Good Samaratan, but do you know why Jesus told it?

When we hold onto unforgiveness, our prayers go nowhere. But Jesus is the perfect example of forgiving those who have wronged us.

People celebrate us one minute and forget about us the next. Whose opinion should we listen to when trying to find our way in life?

Make the effort to spend time with a friend in the midst of a busy life.

Just because we run into difficulties, does not mean that we need to become the judge and jury of a situation. We don't know everything. God does.

There are no levels of sin and all sin has the same effect — separation from God.

When large-scale trials hit, and everything we thought we knew is suddenly shaken, cynicism can slither into our hearts without our full awareness....


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